April 8, 2019

Getting by When Your Only Bathroom is Being Remodeled

By Sarah Moon

Having your bathroom renovated can pose some challenges if you don’t have more than one in your home, but with a little communication and creativity, you can survive.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s Characteristics of New Housing shows there were 795,000 single-family homes completed in 2017 and 30,000 of those homes had one and a half bathrooms or less. The report also says 358,000 multi-family units were completed in 2017 and 183,000 of those units had one bathroom. The numbers for 2018 aren’t available yet.

What to do Before Construction

Talk with your contractor prior to any work about how long you will be without a toilet. Your contractor can discuss what can be done to access your toilet during your bathroom remodel. You should also tell your contractor what your bathing needs are, because you could be without a shower for a week. However, it’s possible to still have access to your tub, because the surround work could be done while the tub is still connected.

Making it Work

This Brooklyn Center home only has one bathroom. During renovation, the homeowner rented a Port-A-Potty for a couple of weeks and showered at work. If you don’t have access to a shower at work, fitness clubs are another option. You can also wash your hair in the sink or the laundry room. The quickest turnaround for a shower area is five to seven days.

Our contractors will only need a couple of days to pull your toilet out while flooring work is done. The toilet can also be reset so it’s functioning during your bathroom upgrade. One way to manage while your toilet is out of commission is to use a neighbor’s or a family member’s.

If you don’t want to have to juggle alternative shower and toilet locations, you might consider taking a vacation. If you decide to go on a trip, schedule a pre-construction meeting with your contractor before leaving and make sure we have all of the pieces before work begins. During the pre-construction meeting, we’ll finalize the estimate, the location of the fixtures and verify the colors. Our contractors will also get permission to contact you while you’re on vacation to let you know how your renovation is coming along.

Focusing on the End Goal

If your only bathroom needs an upgrade, don’t let potential obstacles stop you. You won’t have to find someplace else to shower or use the toilet forever. You might consider having your bathroom remodeled when the weather is nicer if only have one.

Here’s what the bathroom in Brooklyn Center looks like now. Check out more photos from this job on our Work Examples page. Contact Xpres Bath & Shower today for a consultation.

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