January 15, 2019

Pairing Black with White Creates
a Stylish Bathroom Remodel

By Nancy Eike

The color black is a staple in fashion, interior design, art, automobiles and much more.

So it should come as little surprise that black, with its sophistication and versatility, has landed smack dab in one of the most-used rooms in your home: the bathroom. And when paired with a clean and sleek white, well, the overall effect is a bathroom that is classic, chic and oh-so-divine.

Take a look at some of the ways we used black and white in this stylish remodel that’s getting rave reviews.

Fanciful Fixtures

It used to be that you’d have a hard time finding much beyond those stereotypical silver sink and shower fixtures, but now, lucky for all of us, in addition to other finishes, you can also choose matte black fixtures for that extra punch.

This industrial-feel re-do features an enviable rain shower (Where have you been all our lives?), a convenient hand-shower, and dual-control sink faucet for the perfect fixture trifecta. Oh, not to mention the jetted tub, perfect for those relaxing baths.

G is for Grout

Utilizing a contrasting grout is the perfect way to add visual impact—not to mention a great way to highlight a wonderful color scheme. In this example, classic subway tile, which is carried throughout much of the room, is perfectly paired with an impactful black grout.

Find Your Niche

Are your bath and shower necessities—such as shampoo, soaps, razors, etc.—wreaking havoc and causing clutter? If so, a recessed shower niche can keep those bottles, bars and bubbles at bay.

Here, we incorporated three into the overall design. And take note of how the black grout on the niches create a delightful pop of color. Take that, unsightly shower caddies!

Seeing is Believing

Frameless shower doors offer the functionality of regular shower doors but add a touch of modernity and pizzazz. This tub/shower combination, which picks up on the overall color scheme, features a clear glass frameless shower door with matte black hinges and dual grab bars.

Tip: Does the thought of using clear glass in your shower area conjure visions of soap scum and unsightly streaks? No fear! A coat of Rain-x and a good, old-fashioned wipe-down with a microfiber cloth will keep your shower spic and span for a while.

Step on It

A black floor is the perfect counterpoint to a mostly-white bathroom. This natural stone floor, with its stretched hexagonal tiles and complimentary black grout, combines non-slip practicality and a whole lot of style.

Out of Sight

Bathrooms need storage. In this remodel, extra toilet tissue, soap, medicine, and other incidentals, find a home in a sparkling white cabinet with contrasting matte black cabinet pulls. So, whether you’re looking to create the black-and-white remodeled bathroom of your dreams, or simply want to replace one element in your existing bathroom, Xpres Bath & Shower can help you achieve your goals.


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