January 29, 2019

Splish, Splash, I was Takin’ a…Shower?

By Nancy Eike

There’s a lot to be said for a nice, long soak in a tub filled with hot water and some relaxing, aromatic bubbles. But in the last few years those bathtubs, in many homes, are being replaced with showers.

And we’re not talking just any showers. Nope, we’re talking showers that conjure images of tropical rainforests with ceiling-mounted rain showerheads, steam showers like you’d find in fancy spas, showers with multiple body sprays, kinetic showers, music (and even TV’s!) in the shower, and an array of new technology that can be integrated into the shower environment. And that’s just the short list.

Because Xpres can create the shower of your dreams, big or small, we thought we’d dive a little deeper into some of those new and fun shower innovations. So grab your favorite shampoo, a good shower brush, a bar of luxurious soap—don’t forget a plush towel—and step on in.

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

If you think a good shower implies an obligatory showerhead where the flow is just above a trickle and you have to duck under and maneuver this way and that to get the shampoo out of your eyes and your body clean, well, there is so much more.

For example, you could opt for dual showerheads, which feature, you guessed it, two showerheads—either two individual showerheads or a hand-held and a standard showerhead. Or, perhaps, you like the idea of imagining yourself showering in the tropics somewhere in the open air with a warm breeze and a piña colada nearby.

If so, rain showerheads are the way to go. Mounted in the ceiling to mimic natural rainfall as it falls from the sky, most styles feature adjustable flow rates, from a gentle, relaxing flow to an invigorating, high-pressure rain massage.

And speaking of massage, you can add body sprays, which are adjustable to accommodate varying heights, turn your shower into a relaxing retreat.

Full Steam Ahead

Steam showers have been around for many years, dating back to the ancient Romans, and have many health benefits on the human body, including relaxation of the muscles, increased blood flow, they help with stiff joints and open up airways, for starters. And they help our skin feel soft and supple; who doesn’t want that, right?

Singin’ in the Rain
Who says you have to turn off your music while you’re washing off the day or just starting your day? Some new-fangled, waterproof technology makes it possible to let you keep on singing in the rain, er, shower. Kohler, one of the most recognized names in the industry, offers myriad options, including a showerhead with a built-in Bluetooth® technology speaker, and high-performance shower speakers, which can be mounted to either the wall or the ceiling. And some of the options can even be retrofitted into existing showers.


Technology is everywhere and ever changing, so it should come as little surprise that high-tech has made its way into the bathroom shower scene. With a digital shower system, you can adjust to your specific water temperature, water pattern and flow, and then be able to set that preference for use every day. And, get this, some of those systems allow you to activate the shower via your smart phone, by voice command, or by the controller located in the shower. So no more waiting for the shower to heat up—just choose your option and get ready for your relaxing shower.

Interested in other high-tech gadgets? How about showers with special lighting, glass shower doors that change colors, and waterproof televisions. Yes, you can even continue binge-watching your favorite television show in the shower.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call to help you create your perfect shower oasis.


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