December 17, 2018

Why Winter is Prime Time to Prepare for a Spring bathroom Remodel

By Sarah Moon

If you’re looking to have your bathroom remodeled this spring, now is the time to plan. Contractors have more time to talk with you, because they aren’t as busy.

Homeowners might not be thinking about remodeling work in December or January, because it’s usually colder. However, you could run into some problems if you want your bathroom ready for spring.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Plan

Spring is one of the busier times for construction, so planning ahead will give you a better pick of contractors. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a contractor who doesn’t have the most experience or won’t do the best job.

Product delays are another issue you could face. If you want to order something that’s in high demand, you could be looking at a two or three month wait before the product you want is available. Planning your bathroom remodel now also means you can take advantage of older products. Since it’s the end of the year, many companies are marking down old products to make room for new inventory.

Sometimes our contractors have products that don’t get used from previous jobs, because it doesn’t fit the look or feel a customer wants, and our contractors aren’t able to return the product. We can give a credit to a customer who decides not to go with a product he or she had planned to use if we think it’s something we can sell. Using a product that wasn’t used for another remodeling job can save you money. Think of it as buying something off the clearance rack at a store.

When to Schedule

You should book an appointment at least six weeks in advance if you want your bathroom remodeled in the spring. However, if you don’t want to wait several weeks and you can deal with one less shower or toilet during the holidays, you should book your appointment now. You will more than likely get a discount, because winter is a slower time for contractors.

If you want your bathroom remodeled, but aren’t sure how you want it to look, Xpres Bath & Shower can help you with basic cosmetic design options. However, if you want advice for something such as color coordination, we can recommend a designer. You can also check out our Pinterest page or Work Examples for ideas. If you’re taking time off work in December or January and want a new bathroom in the spring, use your down time to start getting ready. Contact Xpres Bath & Shower today for a consultation.

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